Bittel Venus Series (32 Series Guestroom Phone)

Bittel’s 32 series hotel telephone is available in single line configuration, with optional speakerphone and up to 10 programmable guest service keys.

Built to the industry’s highest quality control standards in our own ISO 9001 certified factories, Bittel hotel phones deliver outstanding value and quality, and are engineered for the demanding hospitality environment.




  • Faceplate Plus™, full length faceplate and placard faceplate optional
  • SmartTray™, keep the cord in right place tidily and easy to clean
  • Support 10/5/3/0 Guest Service keys™
  • Message Waiting Light and Ringer Indicator
  • Flexible Data Port
  • Indicators for Hold and SPKR
  • Ringer Volume HIG/LOW adjustable
  • SPKR and Handset volume three-step adjustable
  • Hold, Flash and Redial
  • Handset with HAC
  • Desk and Wall Mountable


  • Dimensions:22.5cm×16.5cm
  • Weight:910g
  • Color:Ivory、Black optional
  • Message Waiting Light Voltage: Standard 90~150V DC
  • Line Voltage:24V~60V DC
  • Flash time:80ms,100ms,300ms,600ms optional, standard 600ms
  • Quality Control:ISO9001, ISO 14001