TrendTek Services

TrendTek’s principal objective is to design and source products for their customers. The engineering and market knowledge within the Company is available for direct application to the needs of customers. Areas such as contract design, achievement and monitoring of certification, product support, market assessment, planning, and if required, market implementation are all services which TrendTek is able to provide.
From experience, these services are particularly relevant to overseas suppliers wishing to enter the Australian and Pacific markets where local knowledge and support are implicit in gaining and maintaining market success.
Product range and Product support
Rapid changes in telecommunications technology, has resulted in our customers demanding the latest technology to meet their needs. TrendTek is committed to servicing these needs, resulting in new products being added to our range on a regular basis. In addition to the design, marketing and engineering facilities at our Sydney location, product support in technical, integration and marketing is also centralised from Sydney.
Third party products and services
In addition to the design of specific products to meet customer needs, TrendTek also sources products on world markets where the economics of supply, time and technical constraints dictate that approach. Within TrendTek, there is a large knowledge-base of products and their suppliers which can be harnessed to meet the needs of various customers. TrendTek is committed to providing full product support, both technical and commercial, for any products sourced in this manner.