Telematrix 3100 Marquis Series

Telematrix 3100 Marquis Series

An excellent combination of style and economy, the all new 3100 basic hotel telephone features high quality construction, contemporary sweeping design, a full range of configuration options and comes ready for desk use in Ash and Black. Includes SteelTrap® memory technology (no batteries required).

Marquis 3100 Series hotel guestroom telephones are available in single and 2-line models with optional wall mount.

Deluxe Features

  • Single or Two line speakerphones
  • Compatible with PABX Systems
  • Soft Key Technology
  • Convenient Data Port
  • SteelTrap® Memory Technology – no batteries required
  • Turnkey Telephone Modifications Available – Ready for Instant Installation
  • Full Length Custom Tailored Faceplates
  • Industrial Grade Construction with Matte Finish Design
  • Non-Slip Base

Audio/Visual Features

  • Exceptional Quality Speakerphone
  • Large, Bright Red, TouchLite® Message Waiting Lamp
  • Speaker and Handset Volume Control
  • High/Low Ringer Volume Switch
  • Line Status LED Indication
  • Hold Key with LED On/Off Indication and Remote Releasen
  • 3 Way Conference Calling Key (2 line models only)


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